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Mastaan - The Fallen Patriot of Delhi

by Vineet Bajpai Category Historical Fiction Reading level 12+ years Language English
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An imperial monster masquerade as a mercantile company. From gunpowder to opium, the East India Company uses every weapon to bring an entire sub-continent to its knees. Even Tipu, the fearsome tiger of Mysore, falls prey to British military might.

As a century of deceit and cruelty unfolds – The oppressed thirst for retribution. Delhi is the first to drown in blood, as a violent sepoy uprising engulfs all of Hindustan. The seat of the crumbling Mughal empire emerges as the epicentre of the Ghadar.

An unforgettable poet laments the destruction of his beloved city and a senile badshah’s eyes gleam with unreal hope, as both sides of the Lal Qila witness terrifying bloodshed and historical battles.

And amidst all the cannon-roars, brutal duels, intoxicated mushairas, ravishing courtesans, haunted treasures and bloody battles – unfolds the immortal story of the magnificent mastaan & The beautiful Fay. Did one man really change the course of history greatest war for freedom?