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Nirvana - In a Corporate Suit

by Runjhun Noopur Category Self-Help Reading level 12+ years Language English
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about this book

On an average bad day, a troubled corporate guy has a bizarre encounter. A faceless voice promises him the one thing he craves for but can’t seem to get—happiness. As he sets out on this thrilling quest, he finds himself sucked into an astounding, mystical world of talking mirrors, alternate dimensions, crazy set designs, terrifyingly apt background music and one crazy Baba who loves Cobain as much as he loves sarcasm. Will our corporate guy survive this wacky quest? Is the light at the end of this weird tunnel a dream? Or is it really the elusive key to happiness?

Nirvana is a roller-coaster ride that will make you question everything you ever knew about your own happiness. Runjhun Noopur’s wild, hilarious but surprisingly profound debut looks beyond the solemnity of self-help and offers a take on principles of happiness that is as unique as it is life-changing. If you feel trapped in a daily rut, or if you simply seek a fulfilling life, Nirvana may just be the answer you were always looking for. Only if you dare to join this crazy ride!