What is Rewind and Play about?
Set in New York, Rewind and Play is about corporate executives who meet for an evening get-together one day after a very long time. The get-together turns out to be an emotional roller-coaster as it takes them down memory lane, back to their college days. As they recount those days, they realize that there was a lot more to those gone-by incidents and escapades. The past wants to reveal something to our protagonist Raghav. Will he let the past question his fundamental beliefs? Will he press Rewind and Play?
Whom would you recommend your book to?
Rewind and Play is a book that will touch a chord with anyone who has experienced college life. The book bridges the youthful days of college life with experiences of corporate life. Anyone who has a corporate life will be able to relate easily to the characters. The book will also be an enjoyable read for young NRIs Indians living abroad. It will take them back to their fun-filled college days.
Any compliments that you received which you think is the best so far?
A compliment from a friend in Australia who read the book. He said that the book reminded him so much about his college life that after he read the book he went to an Indian store in Sydney and bought a packet of Maggi noodles just to relive his college days. The other compliment that I can recall is that when somebody who picked up my book from the Delhi book fair wrote to me that the book was written “straight from the heart”.
If there’s one line that you want to use to describe your book, what would that be?
Rewind and Play is like an Indian platter. It has all the ingredients of a tasty spicy meal but at the same time it is packed with a lot of nutrients. It has the flavour of Maggi and the goodness of grandma’s ghee. And the best part it’s easy to digest.
Are you planning other books?
Yes, my next book is in the works and is titled ‘In Search of Aazaad’ which will also be a book with a mass appeal.
Bommadevara Sai Chandravadhan writes under the pen name, Vadhan. He turned to writing a few years ago. His first published book is Shatru, a prequel to his yet unpublished fantasy Series. His second book, Agniputr: When Agni First Spoke, took the reading community by a storm. Hailed as one of the best multi-genre thrillers by leading national newspapers, literary platforms, critics and top-end bloggers. Vadhan is a lawyer by profession and manages regulatory risk practice. His writing encapsulates the essence of his travels and understanding of different cultures.
Pragya Kureel, a 22 year old, published her first romance work at the age of 19. She has been an avid reader from a very young age, which garnered her interest in writing. She has previously published her romance work and her second book has been praised and brought her into the list of '100 inspiring authors of India'. She has written several award-winning articles and court judgments. She has represented India on international dialogue platforms with European countries where she discussed about the progressive future for writers in both countries.
A freelance digital marketer and a trainer by profession, Vidhya is a versatile personality who loves reading as well as travelling. She is a content strategist and a PR person. A Mumbaikar who loves to communicate with various people and this love for people led her to the creation of #Mumbaibookstagrammers.
We have known Vidhya for a couple of years but her fabulous contribution to our Mumbai Bloggers meet was commendable. It wouldn’t’ have been a success without Vidhya and team Mumbai Bookstagrammers.
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