What is Fear of God all about?
Simply said, it goes on the simple philosophy that if you abide by the law you are protected by it. If you break the law you must surrender to it and if you think you are above the law then there is only Fear of God! So, in the book, Fear of God is a achination that deals with those who think they are above the law.
What prompted you to write Fear of God?
Defiance with the law seems to be a fashion in India. The defiance is instigated by a sense of power some times and in other times by wanting to feel or imitate such power. Defiance is instigated by politicians and destabilisers and finally filters down to the common man getting impacted when he is misinformed and misled by vested interests. Fear of God deals with such destabilisers who pull down the constitutional pillars to suit their interests. It is about those people who put themselves before the country.
What is your work schedule like when you are writing?
The only schedule is that there is no schedule. Wordsworth described poetry as a spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions recollected during tranquility. Writing is the same to me. It can be an airport, at home, early in the morning, late at night...the only place I don’t write is at my workplace.
How do you handle literary criticism?
First, I cuss. I fret. I fume. I try not to cry in public. I hug trees and lonely lamp posts. Once that is over and done with, I go back and read the critical bits. I learn, I try to improve. That’s the only way forward for an author. Every critical statement made is a divine lesson, for my reader is my God. I must have 'Fear of God'!
What are your future plans? How soon can your readers expect your next book?
Well now, the next one is The Vimana Transcripts, a thriller based on Indian temples, again by TreeShade Books. I am guessing the book should be out by mid-year 2021.
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