Tell us more about ‘The 5AM Guy’ and his journey so far.
The 5AM Guy is about the identity of a person who believes in the power of passion and positivity. It is a call out to the spirit of humanity to take a shot at life once again - this time with fire in the heart and laughter on the lips. The 5AM Guy, the protagonist, is a young lad who grew up on a farm, far away in the countryside. The book is a collection of his experiences. The stories depict beautifully intense emotions and priceless relationships that we experience in our lives.
What emotions do you think your book generates in the readers?
The book is inspired by real-life experiences, the landscapes of India, by beautiful people and by miles and miles of running. The stories in the book are ideas about life as perceived by the village lad--an incredible journey through a multitude of emotions and enchanting childhood reminiscences. The magical musings in each story is bound to convince you that this life we are fortunate enough to live is indeed The Best Life Ever!
What would you say is your writing quirk?
Honesty, I write the best when I write about what I truly feel, about who I truly am and what I believe. Words coming straight from the heart are more effective than anything else in the world. Originality, emotions, creativity and fluency is bound to follow if you are true to your own self.
What was the most surprising thing you learnt while writing these stories?
One, you learn a lot more about yourself and your thoughts when you write. Two, when you are done writing the entire book, that is when the journey to becoming an author has STARTED. And three, if you believe in yourself (and the book) enough, things eventually surprisingly fall into place like they were always meant to be!
What are your future plans? How soon can your readers expect your next book?
Writing and more writing! One day after the launch, I have had readers come back to me saying they finished the book and are desperate to get their hands on more; they ask me when I plan to release the next book! I am humbled—I couldn’t have had a better validation for the book. But I am not putting pressure on myself, because creativity must flow of its own accord. I am working on the next book already, but I don’t want to commit to any timeline yet.
For most of her life, Shobha Nihalani has lived in different parts of the world. But her heart has always been in India. Influenced by her cultural roots, her stories are peppered with unique Indian characters and vivid settings. She is the author of adventure and thriller novels: The Silent Monument, NINE trilogy, Unresolved - A psychological thriller and Trikon. She has also written a non-fiction book, a biography of a spiritual leader: Dada Vaswani – A Life in Spirituality. Shobha lives in Hong Kong with her family, and she’s in the midst of plotting another wild story.
Abhinav is a blogger, photographer, software professional, avid reader, prolific reviewer, and editor of the Indic Book Club. Abhinav’s writings have been published in DNA, Pioneer, Swarajya, LinkedIn, OpIndia, Medium, and elsewhere. He has worked at large and small technology companies in India, United States, and Canada on enterprise and e-commerce applications, risk and compliance management, and big data platforms. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Mumbai and is a gold medallist from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.
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