What is The Curse of Anuganga about?
The Curse of Anuganga is about a young man, Shaunaka, a jeweller’s son who lives in Nandivardhana in 403 CE. His life changes when he ends up helping the local police solve a murder he accidentally stumbles upon. The deceased man, Vinayashura, is an affluent trader with mysterious links to the royal family in Nandivardhana. The rest of the story is about how Shaunaka helps the police figure out who killed Vinayashura.
What prompted you to write The Curse of Anuganga, which is a mix of history and mystery?
Historical detective fiction is one of my favourite genres as it combines history (a subject I am passionate about) and detective fiction/ mystery. This is a sub-genre that hasn’t been explored much in Indian writing. A discussion with some like-minded people prompted me to write a short story set in the Gupta period. While researching this period, I was fascinated by the era that was called the Gupta-Vakataka period – a time when the influence of the Gupta empire (then being ruled by Chandragupta II) extended over the Vakataka dynasty.
How has your journey as an author been so far?
It has been interesting for sure. As an editorial and content professional who has been associated with publishing, it just seems natural that one makes a switch to being an author. Of course, marketing and promotional activities required to promote one’s work is something new that I am learning about now!
What are your future plans? How soon can your readers expect your next book?
I am currently writing my second book featuring Shaunaka and how he helps solve his second mystery. Hopefully that should be out by early next year. Besides that a children’s book that I had written in 2014 is soon to be out in its second edition. And a romantic comedy is also scheduled for release sometime in the next two months. As for writing, there are many other ideas which I plan to pursue once the second book’s draft has been submitted.
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