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Secret Wisdom From Ancient India -

by Devendra Bajpai Category Indian Writing Reading level 12+ years Language English
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The voices of our mystical ancestors call out to us. They whisper deep truths to our souls, bestow upon us hidden gems of ancient wisdom, and often guide our uncertain footsteps through the journey of Life. Profound knowledge and extraordinary revelations garnered over millennia of material as well as existential quests are on offer – if only we would pause to listen!

Secret Wisdom from Ancient India is an oasis for the mind and a balm for the soul. Distilling priceless insight from the immortal words and works of Goswami Tulsidas, Acharya Chanakya, Maharishi Bhartrihari, Arya Vidur, Hitopadesh, Panchatantra and even Lord Krishna, it is a rare gift in the desert of ignorance, beckoning those who thirst for meaning in human existence, in both its earthly embodiment and its transcendent reality.

A dazzling collection of topical yet handy references to gems of intellect, propriety, spirituality and philosophy, extracted from some of India’s greatest classical scriptures, and explained in a simple yet nuanced manner… the book masterfully encapsulates centuries of treasured wisdom.