Abhinav Agarwal

In an era of 280-character attention-span and myriad distractions, Abhinav Agarwal’s debut novel Predators and Prey is a 350 page fast-paced action-packed high octane compelling thriller, that holds its readers firmly tethered to the novel and to its seat.

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Vadhan is a prolific reader who turned to writing a few years ago. His first published book is Shatru, a prequel to his yet unpublished fantasy Series. Shatru sets the stage for a tale based on Indian mythology in which the universe is at risk from a primordial evil leaping through time continuums.

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Writing has been a loyal companion since my childhood. But why do I write? I wish I had one answer. There must be at least a hundred reasons why this art appeals to me. Most importantly, I love writing because it makes me happy. The days I don’t write, I feel unproductive. I find the entire writing process delightful, regardless of what I am writing.

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Why do I write? It has always been a loaded question for me, a question that carried weight beyond the choice of a profession or a hobby. I was a lawyer, with a degree from one of the top law schools in the country, and a promising career ahead which was by all materialistic standards, a dream. But it wasn’t my dream.

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