Publish with us

publish with us

When we meet authors with a view to commission their work, we typically start by saying, ‘Okay, so your manuscript is done? Good. You have completed 25% of the mandate. The real work starts now!’

The writing on the wall is clear. The time when authors believed that they had done their job by just writing is over. In today’s highly competitive environment, winning authors will be those who have the ability as well as the willingness to also be the marketing engines for their literary work. We are looking for authors who carry a burning ambition to become bestselling authors.

If you think you have it in you, please send us –

  • A 300-word synopsis of your work
  • Three sample chapters
  • A 50-word author-profile


Moitrayee Bhaduri

I had a good experience working with TreeShade Books. The print quality of their books is excellent. It was a pleasure working with my fabulous editor Manisha Sobhrajani and the dynamic Ruchika Khanna. I wish TreeShade all the very best in the days ahead.

Shobha Nihalani

I am very impressed with the professional and yet very considerate attitude of the TreeShade Publishing Group. Every process, from editing, to book cover design, to marketing and distribution has been handled very well. I am glad to be part of the TreeShade family.


"In a world where publishers go by averages and author support is non-existent, TreeShade is like a breath of fresh air. They go out of their way to promote their authors, providing them with the avenues and best deals to get their books across to their readers. Vineet is professional and accessible. Ruchika and the rest of the team are courteous, friendly and truly supportive. Fear of God was such a huge success also because of their unerring support. I wish them the very best."

Abhinav Agarwal

"Working with TreeShade was everything and more a new author like me could have expected. And I mean everything - from the onboarding, the editing, publishing process, cover design, and post publishing."

Chitrangada Mukherjee

Publishing my second novel with Treeshade Books has been one smooth ride. They remained approachable, encouraging and cooperative throughout. Choosing to publish a unique romance without bothering about market forces is a bold move. I am glad they did just that by believing in my story. And I am delighted that I am part of the amazing Treeshade team.