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1857 – The Sword of Mastaan -

by Vineet Bajpai
CategoryHistorical Fiction
Reading level12+ years

1857 – The Sword of Mastaan

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Lonesome songs of patriots dead… forgotten by the bards of Hindustan.

The haunting tale of a cursed ancient city, and of a ruthless foreign marauder.

Condemned to the crypts of history… a dark chapter, etched in red ink by white opium hands. It is the tale of a war immortal, long buried in the false coffins of a so-called rebellion.

As the magnificent Bandookbaaz risks everything in favor of life, the metropolis of Delhi emerges as the epicentre of an imperial genocide. A nation erupts in violent revolution – even as one extraordinary man stands between the hate of millions… and the love of one.

The Devil himself infiltrates the realm of men – guised in the unholy trinity of Theo the Reaper, Nicholson the God, and Hodson the Executioner.

Mastaan, Chhagan, Zafar, Manglo, D’Cruze, Shahbaaz, the Dervish, Fay and Ghalib – all are mere pawns in the savage hands of fate.

Befell a curse, on a trail of blood,
the measure of time forgotten;
He waits, he grunts, the dark djinn hunts,
till the grave of Delhi turns rotten.


Vineet Bajpai… undoubtedly India’s new literary superstar – TIMES OF INDIA

Mastaan… has the potential to alter the discourse of history – OUTLOOK

Vineet… has taken the country by storm – DNA

Vineet Bajpai… India’s answer to Dan Brown – HINDUSTAN TIMES

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January 2021

18 reviews for 1857 – The Sword of Mastaan

  1. Manisha

    This books fills you with a great story line, fine characters and fast paced events.

  2. Payal

    One word- WOW!
    You must read 1857-Sword of Maastaan.

  3. Mukul

    I generally don’t favor the idea of books being turned into films. But this one, I really hope and wish someone would make a film out of this.

  4. Karan

    Eagerly waiting for the third part.

  5. Richa

    Outstanding narrative, great characters. For the patriot in you, this one is really the one.

  6. Sharat Babu (verified owner)

    Second part of the book Mastaan, is as interesting as the first one.

  7. Sameer

    Vineet Ji, amazing job on this series. Please release the third part soon.

  8. TreeShade Books

    It was a nice read.

  9. Tarun

    You will fall it love with the courage of Mastaan.

  10. Priya

    You can pick this one up if you like history, fictional events set in real situations. For me personally I enjoyed it.

  11. Ishaan

    Vineet bajpai spins another interesting tale of the much awaited second book of the 1857 series.

  12. Vibha

    The author has reflected upon India’s war of Independence, Britishers, and a fictional character Mastaan.

  13. Pooja

    1857 SWORD OF MASTAAN, is part two of the first books MASTAAN. I have read both of them and you should go fo it too.

  14. Rajat

    Great effort, clean plot with just the right amount of twists and turn. However the best part in where the 2nd part ends. Can’t wait for another one in this series.

  15. Aadi

    I love history, and if you do too then this books is for you

  16. Arjun

    Master storyteller

  17. Neeti

    My friend recommended this book to me, I did not think much of it until I heard about it once again from my professor. I was curious and there I was between reality and fiction.

    I would totally recommend this.

  18. Vishnu

    1857 is about the first war of Independence in India, re-imagined by the author. I would suggest one MUST read this one.

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