Legend Of The Broken Blade -

by Aaditya Sengupta Dhar
Reading level12+ Years

Legend Of The Broken Blade




Korl, the prince of Ofnast, bears the burden of a terrible secret.

He blames himself for the loss of the Chest of Doom, which brought shame to his family and shattered his confidence. Hornol, the new tyrant of the Akhuts, has vowed to find and open the Chest to gain unparalleled power and enslave the nations of the Council of Four. Korl sets out with his brother on a dangerous quest to find the Chest of Doom before the dark armies of Akhutzai.

A quest that will force him to confront his fears, face deadly adversaries, find allies in unexpected places, and learn to harness the power of the ancient Frosnastia.

A quest that will reveal that sometimes the greatest heroes are the most imperfect ones.

A quest that will mark the beginning of a legend that will echo through the ages.

The Legend of the Broken Blade.

“Captivating… rich in vivid imagination…”- Vineet Bajpai, Bestselling Author of the Harappa & Mastaan Trilogies

A fantasy book for all ages! Aaditya has created such an intricate world that you want to live in it…with a blade by your side.” – Kevin Missal, Bestselling Author

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December 2022


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