Rewind And Play - Hostel Diaries Of A Frustrated B.Tech

by Tarun Gautam
CategoryFiction & Thriller
Reading level12+ years

Rewind And Play

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Raghav Diwan is living the American dream. A successful career, a comfortable and happy married life.

One day, he receives an invitation to an evening get together with his college batchmates. He has not kept in touch with any of them and has no desires to meet them. But the past seems to be calling him. The past wants to reveal something to him.

Will he open the door to let his past in? Will he let it change his future? Will he press, rewind and play?

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February 2019

1 review for Rewind And Play

  1. Ummehani Zeya

    Each character is beautifully written and has a specific role to play. It made me think about how quickly we forget about our college days.
    The cover is certainly appealing, and the title is appropriate for the storey.
    Nonetheless, if you want to relive your college days, this is the book to read.
    you’re a very very good writer…
    Keep writing!!
    I really appreciate you… your work and your book …
    A beautiful book that will remind you of your hostel Life 🤩🤩🤩

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