• The Curse of Anuganga

The Curse of Anuganga -

by Harini Srinivasan
CategoryHistorical Fiction
Reading level12+ years

The Curse of Anuganga




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Circa 403 C.E. In the thriving city of Nanivardhana, lives Shaunaka, a young man who yearns to go to Pataliputra to see the world and make his fortune. But he is forced to join his father’s jewellery making business and soon finds himself in the workshop — a job in which his heart clearly did not lie. Thankfully, along comes distraction in the form of two extravagant weddings — royal nuptials at the palace and another wedding at the extravagant corner house in the Buddhist quarter of the city. This house, known for its opulence and sheer size, is owned by Vinayashura, an affluent trader fabled to have mysteriously deep connections to the royal family. Shaunaka is given the charge to work on the bride’s jewellery at the corner house, but instead of the mundane task at hand, a morbid sight awaits — the trader’s wife’s bloodcurdling screams bring Shaunaka to Vinayashura’s bedroom where he is found murdered and lying in a pool of blood!

Who killed Vinayashura? Why?

Shaunaka finds himself at the heart of the mystery and his logic and keen observation skills land him the duty of assisting the head of police to solve this murder.

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