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The Road To Revenue -

by Avinash Saurabh
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The Road To Revenue

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What makes a start-up successful? Is it the founder’s vision,  their timing, a well-designed product, their curve-jumping  technology, or an exemplary culture? From the outside, these  reasons may seem to be true, but if you look under the hood, you  will find the cold, hard fact: start-ups succeed because they are  able to find a way to generate revenue profitably and at scale.  They are able to transform themselves into meticulously run  revenue machines.

‘The Road to Revenue’ lays out a map that will help start-up  founders, executives, leaders, and employees achieve the same  for their organizations. It looks beyond one-off tricks and trendy  techniques to provide you with foundational systems,  processes, and frameworks that you can apply to your own  start-up.

Avinash’s insights are sharp, practical, and relevant for  start-up founders trying to grow their venture.

Ravi Venkatesan, Ex-Chairman of Microsoft

Insightful… Brilliant… Invaluable.

Ritu Srivastava, Founder of

Exceptional… A must read for every start-up founder.

Amaresh Ojha, Founder of Gympik

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1 review for The Road To Revenue

  1. Savitha Anand

    Every year hundreds of startups are opened. Some of them sustain but most of them fail due to lack of proper planning. Founders don’t seem to have the right guidance on revenue generation. This book by Avinash Saurabh addresses these issues and challenges faced by budding entrepreneurs and provides solutions on the same.

    This book is divided into 5 parts . The fist part discusses about the sales problems with the author providing some principles to be followed, and setting goals. The second focuses on selecting the right opportunity. The third delves into lead generation and prospecting, the fourth addresses sales conversion and management while the fifth part emphasizes on customer success,, retention and growth strategies.

    The book has a friendly approach as lots of real life examples have been included along with other illustrations and charts for better understanding. The key Takeaways at the end of every chapter is helpful, where the author has summarized the contents of the entire part in a page. This acts as a ready reckoner for future reference.

    Overall a well structured book that provides valuable Insights beneficial for both existing and future entrepreneurs

    • Kavya Sharma

      Thanks Savitha Anand Ji.

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