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The Vimana Transcripts -

by Vadhan
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The Vimana Transcripts

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Circa 2023. No human has ventured beyond the solar system. The Voyager 1, an unmanned probe in deep space, transmits data – in the form of two ‘verses’… to every country on Earth. The transcripts promise the end of the past and the future, unless an ancient Tatva stowed inside a Vimana is revealed.

The planet is on high alert. Global leaders scramble to figure out who has relayed the transcripts, and how real the threat is.

Vikram Rathod, treasure hunter extraordinaire, threatened with death, must find the Vimana to save his life, and of those he loves. The secret may lay buried in an ancient Indian temple. But which one?

The Indian government turns to Avitav Deshmukh, an aging but brilliant languages and religions professor, to discover the Tatva.

An approaching astral event can break the planet in two. A thirty-six-hour window is all mankind has to find the answer. The Question: How can a Tatva, a ‘principle’, save the planet?

Three days.

End of the world.

The clock is ticking…

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November 2021

3 reviews for The Vimana Transcripts

  1. TreeShade Books

    Good to read!

  2. Dalia Sarkar

    The year is 2023, no human has ventured beyond the solar system yet something mysterious from the deep space is making every scientist pull their hair. The Voyager 1 in deep space is transmitting data in verses asking for an ancient Tatva otherwise it’s the end of the past and the future. The whole planet is on high alert. As global leaders scramble to decipher the code, a team of treasure hunters, a language and religion professor, a young scientist from ISRO and a Russian mafia are all set to correct the world order.

    The Vimana Transcript is an exhilarating adventure of uncovering an ancient mystery and saving the world from the approaching apocalypse. This book is a work of genius, a beautiful craftsmanship in the world of mystery, the amalgamation of hindu mythology and sci-fi made this book stand out. A wonderfully penned scifi, mystery, adventure with meticulously woven plots peppered with perfect dose of thrill. From cover to cover it’s jam-packed with anticipation, the curiosity of discovering the unknown is so high it almost makes you jumpy with excitement.

    Writing style is good with an wonderful narration and the language has been kept very simple and lucid. In the middle however the hullabaloo of the characters and the plot made no sense, it felt unnecessary and it kept going haywire but soon caught up with the main story. This book left me with many questions though, why the transcripts was so cryptic, why not direct and so on (thanks to my inner amateur sleuth). Definitely a page turner for me, beginners can go for this book.

  3. Dhara popat

    Good futuristic concept

    “The vimana transcripts” by Vadhan is a genre of speculative fiction which typically deals with imaginative and futuristic concepts such as advanced science and technology, space exploration, time travel and more.

    This book is written with many suspicious and interesting concepts. The story is about to find a Tatva to make the Earth safe. The life span to save the nation was of 3 days.

    Overall, it’s an interesting read. I loved reading it.

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