• Predators and Prey

Predators and Prey -

by Abhinav Agarwal
CategoryCrime & Thriller
Reading level12+ years

Predators and Prey

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A data theft at the NSA. An Indian scientist on the run. The spy apparatus of three nations after him and the coveted secrets he intends to take to the highest authorities. A girl who has become an unwitting pawn in this deadly game.

A mastermind who will stop at nothing. They are up against a man with a troubled past who stands between life and death, victory and defeat.

A conspiracy so devious it could forever change the nation. A race against impossible odds and time.

Who will get their hands on the secret first?

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December 2019

4 reviews for Predators and Prey

  1. Neelabh Pratap Singh

    Right from the prologue, the author sets the tone of a pulse pounding thriller which runs at a breakneck speed.
    The plot reminds me of Snowden incident but set in India.
    Venkat works for NSA in the US and finds out that the NSA has been spying on Indian politicians and steals the data and flees to India.
    Powerful people including the US military, a media head and Chinese and Pakistani intelligence, all go after Venkat to get hold of the data which can potentially be used to hold Indian politics at ransom.
    Riya Kaul, Venkat’s ex college friend and gets embroiled in it. Enter the two protagonists – ex army Deva and the national security advisor, JSR.
    The book is a treat for the fans of Fredrick Forsythe, David Baldacci and Dan Brown.

  2. Deepak

    Predators and Prey is a sizzling thriller, one that you cannot putdown until you finish reading. It is the story of espionage, dealers and fixers, political intrigues, and a race for survival.

    The novel comes to you from Abhinav Aggrawal, a columnist who has contributed to various publications. A computer engineer with a management degree from IIM, Abhinav is the curator of Indic Book Club. This is his first novel and he has without a doubt arrived on the literary scene with a bang.

    If you are a fan of the thriller genre of novels, then you will love this one. The novel moves at a frenetic pace taking you through the desperate run for survival of the lead characters. One of them has a secret that can cause political turmoil and there are many people after him to get the secret. Another is a data analyst unwittingly dragged into the issue. The third is ‘Shaitan’, a courageous former military office and trusted confidant of the NSA.

    The narration proceeds at a frenetic pace. You are switched between different narratives as you read with bated breath wondering what is going to happen next. The scorching pace of the novel, the engrossing plot, the engaging dialogues, and the strong characters makes this a novel you must not miss out on reading.

    This fictional novel reminds you of real events that has happened in our country. The framing of Col. Purohit, the Tejpal case, the Lutyens elite’s control over the nation are all real events that you will be reminded of as you read.

    The novel moves towards a tension-filled ending keeping you on the edge of your seat. There is a clear scope for a sequel, which I am eagerly awaiting from the author.

    Overall, a racy thriller that you will enjoy reading. It is a book strongly recommended for all those who like the spy, thriller, action, or political genre of novels.

  3. Jeysundhar

    A nail- biting thriller that takes on the pace of the cars it describes. an keeps you on edge throughout. There is no lag in the story, even as it evolves its structure and etches out its characters.
    Towards the end, you realise that there are few loose ends and yet, there is the anticipation of a planned sequel.

    Highly recommended!

  4. Ranjith Radhakrishnan

    You are pulled into the story from the first chapter itself and it’s a thrill a minute ride. The cat and mouse game will keep you up in the night, turning pages.
    Spycraft, political intrigue, blackmail and media manipulation all find expression in this beautifully crafted novel. So much of the story will ring a bell with people who, even if only casually, follow the Indian news cycle. The novel is so relevant now and I think it will stay so for a good time to come.
    Great to read an Indian writer who can match the best in the thriller genre. Kudos!

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